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StudioLine Photo 2 is your all-in-one solution for image importing, editing, archiving, and sharing. Use StudioLine to email and print your images, preserve them on CD/DVDs, view them as slide shows and even create web-galleries. While easy to use for the beginner, StudioLine offers the power a professional expects with incredible editing tools, naming and searching features, as well as the ability to add watermark text for your protection. Here is the digital shoebox you've been looking for!


· Windows®  XP / 2000 / NT4.0 SP5 / ME / 98
· Pentium III 500 MHz Processor or faster
· RAM: 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
· 100 MB disk space for programs (Allow extra space for data)


The Ingenious Solution for Digital Image Archiving, Editing and Presentation!

StudioLine is as powerful as it is easy to use. Finally, a single software to conveniently manage and edit extensive picture portfolios for anyone working with digital images – from consumers and photo enthusiasts to professionals.

Image Management – fast, safe, easy!

It only takes a few mouse clicks to load your images from a digital camera, scanner, CD or hard disk. StudioLine Photo immediately creates dazzling thumbnails. Quickly name and categorize your pictures using an unlimited number of image tags. StudioLine imports digital camera information (EXif) as well as IPTC/NAA information, which can be used for searching and sorting. Prevent loss of data by backing up your image library, including all tags and filter settings, to CD or DVD – without additional software. Offload rarely used originals to CD/DVD and StudioLine will manage and locate the right one when needed.

Optimize Your Images at Lightning Speed

With countless professional-grade correction and special-effect filters, you can make your pictures even more attractive, e.g., rotate and crop, red-eye correction, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and color tone correction.

StudioLine Photo collects all filters, effects and settings in a "filter stack," which is stored along with the original in the ingenious image archive. This technique guarantees that optimized images will suffer no loss in quality – since the original picture is maintained intact. Filters, effects and settings can be reversed or changed at any time. A quick glance at the filter stack readily shows all actions, always keeping you in control of your images. Cumbersome filing of pictures after each editing step is obsolete. Your originals remain intact! For any bitmap or freehand editing, StudioLine integrates seamlessly with third party programs

Use Batch Processing to Save Time

If several photos require identical corrections (e.g., over-exposure or blurred), use the "Copy" function to easily apply adjustments to any number of images. With the "copy" button you can also simultaneously add descriptions to any number of photos in a set.

Share with Family and Friends

Arranging your photos for a personalized on-screen presentation takes no time at all. You can also choose pictures and a layout and StudioLine will create a gallery and publish it to the Internet. Now family and friends will be able to view your photos on the web. For emailing, simply set the best size and quality for efficient delivery, and StudioLine will compose a message complete with your descriptions

For those without Internet access, you can create a personalized CD or DVD to be viewed as a slide show on other PCs or JPEG-capable DVD players, or bring the disc to your photo store to order prints. With the export feature, you can store images or entire folders in common graphic file formats, e.g., TIFF or JPEG.

Sophisticated Printing Capabilities

The print function saves paper and money with its print preview and image placement optimization. Crop marks and standard image sizes simplify the work. For ultimate control, manually choose the number, size and cropping of each picture. By including your own captions, you can instantly create CD indexes or album pages.

The only software you’ll ever need to organize, optimize and share your most precious moments

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